Natural language processing 

We believe that NLP can be used to automate processes that otherwise would never get done, i.e. want to build a dataset of 5 million news articles with relevant parts tagged? NLP can help. Want to classify that huge stack of documents your firm has created? NLP to the rescue.
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Time Series Prediction

Essentially, it boils down to "can we predict the future"? Or realistically, "is there anything you can tell me to give a competitive advantage"? A common application is "algo" trading or risk assessment.
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Data Science in Sports

Looking for interesting events and patterns in huge sports datasets is not unlike high-energy particle physics. Albeit, the particles are a little larger and slower on, say a soccer field. And they're people. But other than that, the skills garnered as a physicist are perfect to bring new insights to your team.

Deep Learning

Whether you are trying to automate a task or gain new insights from your data, deep learning can help you. CNNs, GANs, LSTMs? We're happy to build, train and deploy models that best suit your needs.

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About WyattAI

A data science company focused on many different aspects of the art.

WyattAI is a data science and machine learning consulting company. Expertise and experience comes from working on many different projects at CERN as well as contracting for or partnering with various high profile entities such as the German National Football team (DFB), high profile NBA personalities and SAP. 
In addition to consulting, we have our own in-house research and tools under development.